Training Update: 27/05/2013 – 02/06/2013

Well I am still not running, my ankle although improved doesn’t feel up to the task of running yet. I am hoping that another week and I will be able to go out for a short run, I don’t want to risk anything with the TMW so close so if I have to leave it right to the last-minute then so be it.

The weeks training
The weeks training

Fortunately I am still cycling and as the running has reduced I have ramped up the intensity a bit. Monday being a bank holiday I decided to go out a short 9.92 mile ride (this was a recovery ride from the 2 sessions I had over the weekend, a 14 mile and 8 mile). Tuesday I wasn’t actually going to ride but a friend at work convinced me to join in on a TT in the local area.

This was my first competitive road cycle and I was a little apprehensive as I know I am not the quickest rider out there. It was organised by BEC cycling club ( and had a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. After everyone arrived at the meeting point we headed to the start and I had the pleasure of being released second. The start of the route was an uphill which immediately sapped the strength in my legs, my thoughts at that point being “If I am hurting now………”. Fortunately the gradient became more forgiving and a downhill followed. Pushing myself as best I could I maintained a fairly good pace (for me) and the I continued along the course pushing on the uphill and trying to maximise the downhills.

Despite my efforts I did get overtaken by three riders who set off after me, but came in at a reasonable 37:05 (which wasn’t last place)

The stats from the BEC TT along with teh route map
The stats from the BEC TT along with the route map

The rest of the week consisted of my commutes to and from work and another training ride at a quicker pace on the Saturday.

Despite all the cycling, I still don’t think it is something I would take up seriously, I love running too much. Cycling you can’t let your mind wander, just letting yourself get in the zone and I miss that, that’s the aspect of running I love the most. But it is serving its purpose, I am keeping my fitness up and hopefully will be able to complete the marathon in 20 days time.

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