Injury Update: It’s not all doom and gloom

With just over 2 weeks since I rolled my ankle I am now walking unaided, albeit with some Kinesiology tape strapping it up and cycling again. Running is not on the cards yet but I am hopeful that I will be able to get some running in prior to the Trail Marathon Wales on the 22nd June.

Regarding the TMW, I am going into it in the mind-set of “it’s a training run” to the point where I will be using my SJ pack (still need to review it!!) along with the majority of my NDW100 min kit list, simply to test equipment, test hydration and all the things I was hoping to achieve on the NDW50. Also, I want to enjoy the views and the atmosphere, time is not a concern (although under any appropriate cut-offs is a must) and I plan on taking my camera to get some snaps while on the run.

So if you are running the TMW and see a guy kitted out like he is running a 100 miles, that’s me

Trail Marathon Wales website:

Trail Marathon Wales Sat 22nd June
Trail Marathon Wales Sat 22nd June

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