About Me

I started going to the gym in about 2007 after a few years of late nights out etc, wanting to get myself healthy. It started with mainly weights etc but towards the end of 2010 myself and a couple of other guys at work decided to do the Grim Challenge. Having not run any distance, I had about 3 months to train (which turned into 4 months due to the Grim being moved because of snow).  It started with attempts at 2.5km runs, then 5km Park Runs up to the 8 mile required for the Grim.

The Grim was great fun (and as of writing I have already signed up for my third in December 2012!) and from then on I was hooked on running. A year and a half later I have run a number of races, from “fun” mud and water runs to more race focused events, all off-road or multi terrain.

In August 2011 I wanted to set myself a challenge, and new it had to be something big. I was toying with the idea of a Marathon but that didn’t seem a big enough challenge to me (no disrespect intended to anyone, it was just I wanted something to push me to my limits) I then made the mistake of reading Born to Run and though “what about an Ultra, that sounds like something to go for”.

Looking online I saw the North Downs Way 50 and living fairly locally it was the logical choice, I have been training for it ever since.

I have come to the conclusion that I am never going to be the fastest runner in the world, but after having run several 20 milers and a Marathon training run (with another booked for Wales in late June) I am starting to feel that maybe long distance is my thing, not that I ever think I will be “competitive” in that sense.

In March 2012 I became father to twin boys and so have been trying to find the balance between fatherhood and running, which without the support of my wife wouldn’t have worked out as well as it has.

2013 was a bit of a washout for running with several injuries and DNF’s and 2014 again was of a similar vein (although no DNF’s)

2015 started well but further injuries has changed my perspective on things and I am now starting a journey into the realms of barefoot running.

I wanted to write a blog to keep a record of my training, as well as some of my opinions on gear I have been using as well as the races I partake in. Its more of a diary than anything, a way of me showing my boys when their a bit older what I got up to in their early years.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Ive recently started following your blogand reslly enjoy the posts. I like the new theme, it is definitely sicker.

    The about me page has added a great deal to help me understand your thinking and challenges. Twin boys, wow! I have 3 boys 5 and under, I understand how big your challenge is. Keep it up. Good luck!!

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