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12 Hours to go

Quick post, kit is now sorted, drop bags are packed. A good meal tonight and as much sleep as I can muster. 6 am tomorrow I hopefully run further and longer than I ever have before, the weather looks ok so that’s one less thing to worry about.

If you are interested in following my progress I will be tweeting as and when I can, the hashtag NDW100 will be used by, also Centurion Running have live timings up on this link

My bib number is 61, Anthony Clark

Double Blowout: Damage Update

It seems that my hope of it just being the inner tubes was a bit too optimistic. On closer examination my rear wheel now has a buckle and the front tyre has what looks like a chunk taken out of it.

You can see the buckle in the rim, causes all sorts of problems with breaking
You can see the buckle in the rim, causes all sorts of problems with breaking
The buckle from the side
The buckle from the side
A small chunk missing from my front tyre
A small chunk missing from my front tyre
Another angle on the chunk from my tyre
Another angle on the chunk from my tyre

I am reporting the pothole to the council (although its possible this has been resolved) in order to follow the process for making a claim, as I don’t wish to be down on the cost of a new rim (or potentially wheel) and tyre. I will also take the bike into the shop to have a proper assessement in case there is any more damage that I am missing.

Double Blowout on the bike

I thought I would post a link to this video on my blog, not running related but something that happened me today, warning I do swear in this video (a s**t and f**k, out of shock and annoyance):

Double Blowout – YouTube

From the video description

Cycling home I hit a couple of large potholes at speed (around 20-25mph) and had a double blowout. Lucky for me I didn’t come off the bike, damage wise I haven’t been able to do a full assessment yet but I am hoping its just the tubes that need replacing.

I was not that far over to the left, but probably more than I would have liked and I have cycled this section of road many times and not had an issue (although not in the last few weeks).

As I say in my video, this (among other safety reasons) is a perfect example of why we have to keep to the right at times.

I have a running update which I will be posting in the near future

Running stats for 2012

With the end of 2012 in sight (and no apocalypse to speak of) it seemed a good time tolook at my statistics for the year and the challenges that await in 2013

Using Good Run Guide I have been able to grab some statistics for all my runs using a GPS watch (any that have been done on a treadmill or using my Runkeeper App are not included)

Logged Runs 2012 by Month
This table details my runs on a monthly basis showing info like total distance anc calories burnt
This table details my runs on a monthly basis showing info like total distance and calories burnt

Looking back over the year, its interesting that my distance for a month peaked in May with the NDW50 being in August. I was loosely following a training plan however lost my way a bit with this and June and July where as the mileage should have been increasing further I actually dropped back. Also looking at Jan to Feb it is worrying the leap in distance from 34 miles up to 126, definitely not following the 10% rule there.

Pace over Time
Details my average pace on month by month
Details my average pace on month by month

This graph is more indicative of the training plan for the NDW50. As it was my first Ultra my absolute focus was on managing my energy levels and running efficiency, so runs were always planned with pacing in mind. Obviously August was where the pace was slowest but you can see that following this I started to speed up again.

Races by Month
List of event details are below
List of event details are below

Races from Jan are:

  • January – Asics Wildman 10km
  •  March – Asics Trailman 13km
  • April – Offa’s Orror 20km
  • May – Denbies 10mile
  • June – Trail Marathon Wales
  • July – Pen Y Fan Race
  • August – North Downs Way 50 mile
  • October – Snowdonia Marathon
  • December – Grim Original 2012
Whats happening in 2013

Well, first and foremost it’s getting over my Achilles injury (more on how this is going in a separate post) but in terms of races I am already booked up for the North Downs Way 50 in May, Trail Marathon Wales in June and the North Downs Way 100 in August. I will probably look to do the Pen Y Fan race again as I really do like this one and the Grim Original may also be on the list.

I list these as races but the focus is the NDW100 so everything before that will be considered training, of which I need to make sure that I get the miles in my legs. Suffice to say I will be spending a lot of time on the North Downs Way.