Double Blowout on the bike

I thought I would post a link to this video on my blog, not running related but something that happened me today, warning I do swear in this video (a s**t and f**k, out of shock and annoyance):

Double Blowout – YouTube

From the video description

Cycling home I hit a couple of large potholes at speed (around 20-25mph) and had a double blowout. Lucky for me I didn’t come off the bike, damage wise I haven’t been able to do a full assessment yet but I am hoping its just the tubes that need replacing.

I was not that far over to the left, but probably more than I would have liked and I have cycled this section of road many times and not had an issue (although not in the last few weeks).

As I say in my video, this (among other safety reasons) is a perfect example of why we have to keep to the right at times.

I have a running update which I will be posting in the near future

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