12 Hours to go

Quick post, kit is now sorted, drop bags are packed. A good meal tonight and as much sleep as I can muster. 6 am tomorrow I hopefully run further and longer than I ever have before, the weather looks ok so that’s one less thing to worry about.

If you are interested in following my progress I will be tweeting as and when I can, the hashtag NDW100 will be used by, also Centurion Running have live timings up on this link http://www.centurionrunning.com/live/2013-ndw-100-live/

My bib number is 61, Anthony Clark

7 thoughts on “12 Hours to go”

  1. Have a great race, see you in the morning. I have just signed in and picked up my number.

    Come say hi 🙂

    Garry – Number 9

  2. Yeah, It was was only really yesterday that I could move more freely, why do we do it to ourselves.

    I made it to Holly Hill, but getting there took ages. I got a couple of massive blisters on both feet, something I never got in training and they meant that I could barely walk or put any weight on my feet, let alone run. I just couldnt carry on which is a real shame as I felt really good in myself, food and drink was fine, just an inability to run, quite annoying 😦

    So whats next for you? I have a good few pics of you so you shall have to let me know your mail address I can send them over.

    1. Suppose it’s the challenge

      Sorry to hear that, you were looking strong when I left you at 60. I have already signed up for the NDW50 next year, but my next event is a Duathlon at Dorney Lake, only a short one but will be good to do some speedwork, then the Pineridge 10km.

      Going to reset my training to aim for the 100 again in 2015, hopefully a good full year of effort will enable me to aim for not just completion but a sub24r, I will be aiming to do the 50 next year in sub 10:30 (shave off an hour from 2012)

      Awesome, I sent you a Facebook request so will PM my email to you

  3. Ha ha, its funny, we have very similar aims it seems.

    I shall also be entering the NDW50 with a view of doing the 100 again in 2015, in fact, Nick and I loosely have our eye on the Grand Slam….

    Yes, At 60 I was fine, the blisters just came on suddenly and kinda stopped me in my tracks, a massive pain! Oh well, lesson learnt. Shall be getting some gaiters for next time 🙂

    FB request accepted.

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