Im Back!!

So its been a while since my last post and I would like to say I have been doing lots of running but unfortunately that’s not the case. The last post before my break, I mentioned that I had a niggle on the left foot and to date it is still causing some issues, it has improved a great deal but is not what I would call ‘healed’.

That said I think I am now in a position to start running properly again and begin to build the mileage back up, which is lucky as I have a marathon to run in just under 5 weeks. I have been lucky to an extent as, following a recent move I now cycle a round trip of 22 miles a day to and from work, which has helped keep my fitness up while keeping the impact low on my legs. With all the cycling though, I have realised how much I enjoy running and the freedom it brings, cycling along busy main roads brings me now pleasure and I have been itching to get back out the trails, which I managed to do this weekend.

With my move I am now a stones through away from the North Downs Way,which I could have done with a year ago! As the running has been limited this weekend was the first exploration of the local trails and how I could factor the NDW into my training regime. Obviously with a 100mile+ commute I am focusing on the weekends to get my running in and moving forward this will be a regular thing, building up the distance again as I am planning on doing the NDW50 again next year, with some other marathons and shorter ultra’s in-between.

Saturdays run then, starting out about midday the weather was lovely and it felt a perfect day for a run. I had an idea of the route I would be taking, map in hand I headed off:

Not a bad start to a run, after about 500 yards of road I am on the trails!
After 3 weeks of roads and cars, a quiet trail is the best place to get back that sense of calm
A familiar sight, those sign posts mark one of the greatest trails in the south.
The views from Gravelly Hill, Caterham
Another photo which sums up why we run trails

So a pretty scenic run throughout, one thing that happened requires special mention. Following the map I had gone onto what appeared to be a fairly unused public footpath, enjoying myself and not paying too much attention I approached the next style, when I looked up I was presented with the below and practically jumped out my skin.

No way getting through, and that one in the middle poking his head up is a big bad Bull! No way I was going to mess with them and no way around, time to turn back and find another way.

So a total distance of about 7 miles, the longest run in 3 weeks. I did manage another run the week before, my brother recently got married in Warsaw, Poland, so as we were over there I took my running kit and went for a 4mile run to see some of the sights, a great way to see the city.


Spot the river, spent ages trying to find a way across.





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