Ten Questions About My Running

I have seen this post on a couple of other blogs, namely Fit for a Year and Gareth Davies PT, the questions originally started on another mother runner blog. I figured I might as well add my responses to the questions.

How long have I been running?

It all started with garethdaviespt.com and another guy, Simon, doing a Duathalon and then deciding that they wanted to do the Grim Original and asking if I wanted to join in, this was about September 2010.

What is my most memorable run?

Surprisingly it isn’t the North Downs Way 50, it isn’t even a race. The most memorable run I have done was a training run, the first time I every hit the Marathon Distance. This run was a milestone that cemented my path to the Ultra, and gave me the belief that I could achieve it with training and willpower.

Three words that describe my running.

A title of a book that should be read by all wannabe Ultrarunners “Relentless Forward Progress”

What running shoes do I use?

Several different ones, I own New Balance Minimus MT10 and MT00 as well as New Balance MT110, I am looking to get some MT1010 in the near future as well as some Minimus Road.

NB Minimus MT10
Do I have any quirky habits while running?

My left foot tends to stick out when I run, I sometimes look like a paddle boat going along.

When do I run, morning, midday or evening?

Mornings, although I am having to rethink my training plan with the daily commute on the bike.

Does the weather stop me running?

Sometimes, I really dislike running in the rain. I will do it, but some days I will have a bonus rest day!

Have I ever had a running injury?

I had an IT Band injury for a while, switched to barefoot shoes and this improved and eventually resolved itself. Currently dealing with intermittent forefoot pain on the left, but again treatment does seem to be working (RICE)

I felt most like a badass runner when……

Finish line at the North Downs Way 50

A pretty good feeling crossing that line
My next race is….

Snowdonia Marathon

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