Training this week: 20/08/2012 – 26/08/2012

Not a lot to report this week, following last weekends run I decided to drop back on the mileage and allow myself some more time to recover, I had planned to run Tuesday and Thursday and get a long run in on the Saturday (I say long but it would have been no more than 8 miles). My left foot seems to have had other ideas.

Following a 5 mile run on Tuesday I noticed that I was getting an ache on around the outside of my forefoot, around the area of my fourth toe. This pain hadn’t gone by Wednesday and seemed to get worse if I was standing around on it. This caused me to rethink my plans for the week and I took the decision to rest completely for the week to see if it sorts itself out. As of typing it’s still not right but doesn’t seem to be as bad. The whole resting thing is deeply frustrating, as all you end up thinking about is the training days that you’re missing out on!

In other news, I am moving to another flat which is about 10 miles from my work so have decided to cycle in and have gone and got myself a new road bike, which could be a blessing as the low impact of cycling could be just what I need to keep my fitness up and recover from this apparent injury.

I probably won’t be updating my blog for a couple of weeks as I need to get moved and get the Internet sorted out in the new place, so by the time I do my next update hopefully I will have gotten over this injury and be back up and running again!

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