Injury Update: Getting it looked at properly

Yesterday, with no real improvement on my calf, I went to my local Osteopath.

A bit sceptical about what could be achieved with one consultation and nervous about what I maybe told I found myself in the waiting room.

Being called in I quickly gave a summary of my injury and history (I only had 30 minutes so I had to be to the point). The Osteopath, Paul, then had me drop my trousers, take my socks off and walk towards and away from him. He made a note of my collapsing right ankle when I walked as well as commenting on my calf muscles looking somewhat inflamed (I thought the way they looked was normal!)

After this I laid down onto the treatment table and Paul performed some mobility tests and identified that the Achilles was probably the cause of the issue in my calf, apparently repeated trauma and poor maintenance on my part (something which I hold my hands up to) has resulted in me probably having tendinopathy.

Paul then began a deep tissue massage which turned out to be one of the most painful experiences of my life, followed by something called Shockwave Therapy which uses millions of vibrations a second to break up the scar tissue in the tendon and muscle. It was painless while he carried this out which surprised me, apparently if he had held the ‘wand’ still it would have burned me.

Sitting here today (£65 lighter) I have to say that the treatment seems to have had a positive impact, while I still feel an ache in my calf the pressure seems to have been released and it is a good ache (if that is such a thing).  I have been given instructions on exercises to complete and will be carrying these out religiously.

The marathon may still be possible.

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