Less than 3 weeks to go to Snowdonia Marathon

And I have managed to strain my right calf!

Training seemed to be going so well with my mileage, pace and general fitness improving week by week but it seems that my objective of besting my time for the marathon is unlikely.

The actual injury happened about two weeks ago, I had run in the morning and cycled to and from work and feeling good I thought i would go for a short evening run. My calf had been a little tight in the morning but I just put it down to needing a bit of a stretch, not anticipating that what was about to happen.

0.4 miles into my evening run I had what felt like a stabbing pain in the inside of the right calf, causing me to stop immediately. Thinking it might be cramp or something I tried to stretch and carry on but all I could manage was a hobble. It was clear that all I could do was turn around and limp home.

I had a about 5 rest, with my limp disappearing and did some cycling and on Saturday 4th October I my calf felt ok so decided to do a short run. First mile felt fine albeit but around half a mile into the second my calf felt like it was swelling and the pain returned. I took this as a sign to stop and walked home very disheartened.

I am now into day 3  of complete rest, no cycling and only some core work, stretching and foam rolling. I am looking to book a physio appointment this week to see what the issue is and how severe, good thing is that following Saturday I haven’t been limping and while I can still feel that something is wrong, there isn’t any pain.

So, no running for 3 weeks and the vain hope that my body will repair itself for Snowdonia.

3 thoughts on “Less than 3 weeks to go to Snowdonia Marathon”

  1. I have done the exact same thing and have had to pull out of marathon Eryri. Expecting to need 6 weeks or so of rest. Mine went around 2 weeks ago….Rested it for a while and tried again this weekend but 10 mins in it went again. Had the same issue in the other leg training for snowdonia marathon last year but got over it in time. Fingers crossed for you.

    1. Really sorry to hear that you have had to pull out of the race, my fear is that I will get 500 yards in to the race and it will go again.

      I think the worse thing is that I really want to go out running, but have to keep telling myself to rest. The lack of doing any real activity is driving me banana’s and it hasn’t even been that long.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery

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