5 days to go

Only five days to go until we are standing at the red phone box outside the Storey arms and now it is all about making sure my kit is ready and hope that I have trained enough (I haven’t, not with the weighted rucksack anyway)

Kit wise I am happy, trying to pack a rucksack out to hit the necessary minimum weight is quite a challenge (especially as up until now its always been about reducing weight) but I think I have got it nailed.

I actually took a punt last Thursday and bought some new walking boots that were on sale and too good a bargain to miss out on, I know it’s not never a good idea to use new kit but I managed a morning training hike around Box Hill and they performed really well.

I maybe could have done with half a size up as there was a little pressure when running downhill but after this event I will only really use them for actual hiking rather than running and my experience in the past with boots is to lose several layers of skin from my heels I have taken the view that toes are easier to tape up (who needs toenails anyway?)

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