Training this week: 18/02/2013 – 24/02/2013

Didn’t get as much running done as planned this week, however I did manage to cycle 4 out of 5 days so covered around 90 miles over the week.

Running wise it was a 9.90 mile run over the Downs on a very cold day, with an icy wind that resulted in my fingers losing all sensation despite wearing gloves. I had planned on doing around 20 miles but a late start (and the cold if I am honest) resulted in me cutting things short.

On this run I also decided to try out the GoPro head strap that I purchased recently, to see what how the different perspective changes things. I have put together a short film taking various clips from my run and uploaded it to YouTube.

Also, Part 2 of the North Downs Way: Gravelly Hill to Botley Hill is also up.

Training wise, it dawned on me today that the NDW50 is only 12 weeks away and actual training has been pretty much non existent. I need to step things up now to be in with a chance of actually being fit enough to run it.

I have been looking online for a planning website where I can upload all my runs, plan future runs and training as well as nutrition. I happened across Training Peaks which does all of the above as well as including an Android App, however the free account you can only log historical activities and have to pay a premium ($19.95 per month) for all the planning features. At this stage I am not prepared to pay that much per month so will be using a website which I am already a member of, Good Run Guide.

Here you can still add training plans for all activities, not just running, but at the sacrifice of nutrition and an Android App (although they do have a web app which at first glance does the job).  I have added the activities that I would like to do on the planner and will be sticking to this, below is the next 4 weeks (The cycle to work may get replaced with a run here and there but that will be more of an ad hoc thing).

This is my plan for the next 4 weeks
This is my plan for the next 4 weeks

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