North Downs Way: Gravelly Hill to Botley Hill Part 1

As I mentioned in my Training Update this is something that I have wanted to do for a while, these videos shows the North Downs Way from Gravelly Hill to Botley Hill, two checkpoints for the Centurion Running North Downs Way 50 and 100

My idea was to try and help runners who won’t have the opportunity to run the route prior to the events by pointing out some of the key junctions along the way.

North Downs Way: Gravelly Hill to Botley Hill Part 1

This is not originally how I wanted to present this as I have had to cut all of the sped up sections inbetween to keep the file size down and I still need to edit and upload Part 2 but will get this on ASAP

My full plan is to film as much of the North Downs Way as possible and upload it to YouTube, so if viewers have any comments or feedback as how best to improve future videos let me know.

Filmed using a chest mounted GoPro HD Hero.

The map used, Harvey North Downs Way (West). Great map, all of the route in nice sections and waterproof.

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