Training this week: 02/07/2012 – 08/07/2012

So following the recovery week after the Trail Marathon my running has been somewhat limited this week. Tuesday morning I completed a 4 mile run, running at an 08:37 pace so not too speedy but a reasonable pace to ease back into it. Tuesday evening I went to the gym with Kev to do a weights session.

If I can remember the exercises correctly we did 3 sets of Skullcrushers, then 3 sets pullup, 3 bent over row and 3 deadlift with some leg raises and planks thrown in. I did notice how the lack of weights has effected my strength and I was lifting noticeably less than I used too before the running training took over.

Wednesday was a rest day, the DOMS were quite bad but bizarrely it was good to be feeling them again. Thursday was a longer run at 8 miles and I was feeling the aches from Tuesday so the pace was pretty slow at 09:40/mi. My usual long run on the Saturday was replaced by another strength session at the gym with Steve, which focused on the legs. This seemed to be a sensible decision as the weather was absolutely terrible and had I been outside I would have ended up a drowned rat!

Diet wise I have been focusing on increasing my protein intake as well as increasing my meals throughout the day to try to keep my metabolism working throughout the day. I am still trying to drop body fat but trying to balance reducing calories and maintaining the energy levels for the running can be quite tough, but it seems to be working with another 1/2 pound gone this week.

Next week I will continue with my weights and running, hopefully getting a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday run in before the Pen Y Fan race on Saturday.

I mentioned training with Steve on Saturday, he also writes a blog on weightlifting, nutrition and general fitness and has made some impressive gains. If you want to read more follow this link: Stevesgymblog

Also, if you want more details on the Pen Y Fan Race follow: Brecon Fans Racing

Total Distance: 12.34 miles, Average Pace: 09:19/mi, Total Calories (excluding weights) 1596

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