Running: How to get Started, “Ok, so I know why I am doing it, what next?”

Ok, so I know why I am doing it, what next?….

Next up will probably be getting some running gear if you don’t have any already. I would say that depending on what you’re going to do, don’t worry about spending a load of cash on tops, shorts etc. I started out with some running stuff from Sports Direct, nice and cheap and pretty functional.

Now the next thing you will need is trainers;

Choosing a pair of trainers is an important step and while you can be lucky and find the perfect pair of shoes on your first try (a guy I run with picked up a pair of Adidas Kanadia and they were perfect for him, now he is on his third or fourth pair and has no desire to change to another brand/style) it may take a bit more effort than just hitting an online store and clicking add to basket.

What I would suggest is heading down to a running shop, preferably in the afternoon as your feet swell throughout the day and getting a fitting in the afternoon will ensure the sizing is right. Once there it is a case of getting your gait analysed by one of the staff, usually they will get you running on a treadmill and video how you run. I would then expect the member of staff to ask the following questions:

  • How much running experience, if any, do you have?
  • How many miles a week do you run?
  • What type of surface do you run on?

What they should then do is give an explanation of your gait and the type of pronation that you have (see for more detail) . Usually if you have your gait checked in this way and buy a pair of trainers you can take them away and give them some test runs (on a treadmill) and if they don’t work out take them back (check this at the store and if they don’t offer this then I would try to find another store to get the analysis done)

Lastly don’t be led to believe that you have to spend £100’s to get a decent pair of shoes, mine were £35.00, the afore-mentioned Adidas were about £40.00 so it doesn’t have to break the bank to find some trainers you like.

It may seem like a lot of effort, but trust me finding a pair of trainers that work for you is worth the effort and you will notice the benefits as the mileage starts increasing.

I myself run  in a minimal pair of trainers with a low heel to toe drop of about 4mm, which has worked for me and thus far I have managed to avoid any real niggles.

My NB MT110 trail running shoes

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