Review: OMM Ultra 15 with I-Gamy

Right my first gear review is for the OMM Ultra 15 pack and the i-gamy bottle holder. I have had this pack about 2 months and have been using it for all my long training runs, with a view to using it for the North Downs Way 50.








The pack has 1 main compartment, a small top compartment and a zipped hip pocket and mesh hip pocket. Size wise its a 15 litre pack but can compress down to keep everything secure.








To keep the pack secure you have two nicely padded straps, a chest strap with a whistle on the clip and the padded waist strap keeping everything snug to your body. The pack sits quite high on the body, with the waist strap being just that and not sitting on the hips as it might with the OMM 25. A foam insert is set into the main back compartment and can be removed to further reduce the already lean weight. On the left strap the i-gamy is attached (I will go into this a bit further on)








Apparently you can take up to eight water bottles on the pack, 2 in the mesh holders on the back, 2 in i-gamy holders on the shoulder straps and 2 in i-gamy holders on the waist straps (I still need to workout how the i-gamy fitst to the waist straps!!). The picture above shows how I am running the pack at the moment, with a 2 litre Camelbak and i-gamy, although i probably will get another i-gamy for the right shoulder to keep the balance level.








Above is the Camelbak inside the pack, a bit of a tip which keeps this secure is to use the compression straps which come with the Leanweight MSC and route them on the strap points on the bag, not only do you get a decent way of compressing the pack, the Camelbak will be compressed against the back of the pack keeping it tight and stopping it moving about.

No real negatives with the pack, although pulling the shoulder straps tight leaves alot of excess which can be annoying when they flap about. Its comfortable and lightweight, weighing 410grams with the foam insert inside. I would recommend this pack to anyone looking for a good running rucksack or fast hiking pack.

For more information visit: OMM Ultra 15 at

6 thoughts on “Review: OMM Ultra 15 with I-Gamy”

    1. Hi, no there isnt a seperate pouch inside, there is a hook to hang the bladder from though. I had to use the compression cords to secure the bladder in the pack, not ideal but worked reasonable well.

  1. Thanks for the reply. This worries me a little bit. Otherwise sounds like the perfect bag for me.:)

  2. Hi There,
    Thanks for the review. What are the internal dimensions of the bag? I have a eagle creek clothes holder I want to fit in it and its about 25cm wide, will this fit?

    1. Hi James,

      Sorry I have taken so long to reply, I have been away from this blog for a while! It might be a bit too narrow for that but I don’t own the bag anymore so can’t be sure 100%. I have an OMM Classic which I use with an Eagle Creek holder and that works fine for run commuting, tbh you might be better off with that, the Classic doesn’t have much weight difference and is more versatile due to the added size

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