Training 27/02/12 – 04/03/12

The week started out well, Monday was a rest day following the weekends training (and the lay in was most appreciated). Tuesday was when the fun began with a 10km run in the morning, it was also Tuesday when I realised that i was about 12km off completing a total of 200km for the month. I wasn’t sure if I would be running both Wednesday and Thursday so I wanted to ensure that i hit the magic number, and did a 5km run Tuesday evening as well. I was quite pleased with the pace of that run, the only problem being that when it came to Wednesday morning by legs were dead and the 7km that morning was unpleasant, but carried on with the 200km ticking over and me achieving the most distance run in a month.

I decided Thursday should be a “rest” day and so didn’t run, instead doing a weight workout on my legs. Now you would think that running would mean that my leg muscles are pretty used to being worked, well it seems that was proved wrong. You know when you have overdone things when you need to lower yourself into a seat with your arms!! The aches didn’t relent for Saturday, so a long run was not looking like a good idea. Part of me thinks I probably should have just pushed on and done it anyway but with the legs aching and the late night (read Guiness) I opted out and just completed a 10km run instead, still off road and got some good hills in. Sunday was Squash, where a few of us play for a couple of hours. Only won a couple of games and Steve (my Squash nemesis) seems to be pulling a lead on the games front, with him winning 4 to my 2.

With the long run being missed this Saturday, I may move it to the Monday although I will see what the weather is like first

Total distance run: 32.57km, Total Time: 2:58:53, Total Calories: 2790

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