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Another Run Last Night

Continuing from my semi successful run last week I added a further run to my continued rehab this week, running Wednesday evening. It was only 2.3 miles but the terrain wasn’t straightforward road, it was across a “cycle” path which is in a pretty poor state of repair so in some places had a distinct hard packed trail feel to it.

What I gained from this run was the knowledge that I am not 100% recovered but it is getting there, I did get some soreness in the ankle which eased off uphill and worsened on the decent but it wasn’t an acute pain, just an overall ache. I also noticed my right calf getting tight which is possibly me compensating for the left ankle and landing a bit heaver on the right side, not sure though I will need to monitor that. 

A Marathon in just over a week! Probably not the most sensible things to do, but I am not going to have another DNS (even if it does mean a DNF instead). On the plus side I am hoping to get a load of photos and really take in the views on the Trail Marathon Wales, it’s all about enjoying it this year and as long as I get to mile 21 under the cut off (5 ½ hours I think) I am happy, I could finish last and it genuinely wouldn’t bother me.

Good News(ish)

I went for my first run today since my injury, my ankle isn’t 100% that’s for sure as there was some discomfort and what felt like tightness, but no acute pain and so far no additional swelling. 

I ran just under 3 miles at an average pace of 08:07/mi which I was pretty pleased with, I didn’t run with my GPS or phone as I didn’t want to think about pace at all, I just planned a route, set my watch and away I went. I am not going to push it and leave it a few days before anymore running, but I am feeling more positive. 

I hadn’t realised how much I missed running until today!