Time to use this blog

It’s been an awful long time since my last post (in fact almost a year)
Reason being that it’s a bit of a farce to write a blog on running when you haven’t run for about a year (18th of May 2015 was when my injury presented itself, even writing that is painful, a whole bloody year). Originally it was thought to be an IT problem, the pain certainly had the symptoms but many Physio sessions later it looked like it was actually a problem with the Vastus Laseralis and my quads in general (solid was the word used)

More Physio and a near return to running was stalled by a Meniscus problem on the same leg, more Physio and some improvement but now I have what appears to be Patella tendon problems on both knees.

On the positive side I have been able to continue to cycle, completing a charity ride from Lynwood to Paris in June so I am not totally incapacitated (I think I would have gone mad if I couldn’t do anything) but all in all a pretty sad state of affairs.

So why post now?

Well for one, I am paying for a URL so it seems a waste to not use it. Secondly I figure if I do ever sort my knees out and run again maybe my experience may offer some help, I know that I have spent A LOT of time searching the internet for any titbit of information that may aid my recovery.

One thing I have added to my arsenal of rehabbing tools is an Ultrasound machine. I had this used on me when I had the Meniscus problem and placebo or not, it seemed to work and was enough to get me to Paris.

The new Ultrasound machine
The new Ultrasound machine

I have started using this as directed on my knees and while I have nothing really to report yet, I am hopeful this will show some benefits soon.

Secondly, I am adding weighted eccentric loading onto my routine. I have been using the leg press, pushing with both legs and lowering slowly (4-5 seconds) with one leg and it may just be in my head but I swear the tension/ache in my knees seems to go for a few hours after.

I do  have a goal to  aim for as well. I have entry to the North Downs at 50 next year and it would be great to mark my return to running with that event.

Time to move  forward and fix myself (and try and blog again)

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