Post Ultra Blues

Its been a couple of weeks since my weekend of ‘running’ and I still don’t feel fully recovered from it. I ran to work on the 28th May after taking the whole of the previous week off and still felt sluggish and just seemed to tire really quickly. I managed to cycle to and from work the following day and cycled again yesterday but my legs are just not in it.

With the Trail Half Marathon Wales fast approaching I need to get a few runs in just to make sure I don’t fall in a heap on race day, I am not going to be flying around the course but it would be nice not to be last.

Plans are forming in my head about what I would like to do in 2015, I have a score to settle with a certain 100 mile race and some other ultra distance events I would like to do as well.

For now I am going to enjoy the THMW in a couple of weeks and start formulating a proper training plan.

Oh, and I have a new theme for my website which I hope you like (Mobile devices might just show the standard mobile theme)


One thought on “Post Ultra Blues”

  1. Feeling run down myself but I reckon that’s due to a certain 50 mile event that included a place called Box Hill that has wiped me out. Plus it’s now affected my health I’m going back to basic training and taking it easy, which is never easy!!!
    You’ll be back!! Just not as fast as you’d like.
    I’m hoping the weather for Trail Marathon Wales will be just like last year. The early morning rain made for a cool start which was perfect because the rest of the day was gorgeous haha!!

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