Post Fan Dance recovery

As recovery goes I don’t think it was the Fan Dance that knocked me off training for a week. The day after  I woke up and felt terrible, snotty and achy, all the obvious signs of a cold. There had been some colds going around work and my wife and kids had a cold the previous week, I think that I was so determined to not get sick because of the Fan Dance that the day after my body said  “right, you can get sick now” and so I proceeded to be  wiped out for a few days.

Even though my legs felt fine I didn’t have the energy so I took the opportunity to wake up a bit later in the mornings. I finally got back to the gym on Friday and then went for run around Box Hill on the Saturday with Gareth. It was pretty muddy out there so was slow going but it was good to be back running without a small house on my back and I am looking forward to start to pick up my mileage building up to the weekend of the 17th and 18th of May.

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