2 days to go….Trail Marathon Wales

With 2 days to go, I am hopeful. My ankle has been steadily improving and although it is probably a bit silly to run a marathon I need to do it, I need to know that I can still run a reasonable distance if I am going to keep with the planned 100 in August.

We are heading up tomorrow morning so packing has started tonight and the picture below may look like a bit overkill (I hope I don’t end up needing a compass!) but the plan for this marathon is to run it Ultra Equipped, in fact the only thing I don’t have with me is the headtorch, back up light and maps.

Getting my kit ready for the Trail Marathon Wales
Getting my kit ready for the Trail Marathon Wales

The place we are staying has WiFi if I remember correctly so hopefully I will be able to upload some pictures that night. The forecast is for heavy rain so my new Montane jacket is going to get a thorough test.

5 thoughts on “2 days to go….Trail Marathon Wales”

  1. Good luck mate, and listen to your body, if your ankle starts going remember you don’t have to finish, It’s not worth it if it makes matters worse.

    1. Hi Garry,

      It went ok, I am in the process of writing a post on the run but I got round which was the main thing.

      Awesome, I am having to ramp up the training post injury to try and get back some sort of fitness for the NDW100, 7 weeks and counting!

  2. Is it really only 7 weeks!! Eeek.

    Read your review of the marathon, it sounds like a great race, one to bear in mind.

    The NDW100 will be my first ultra so am quite nervous about it, i have done some training but you always want to do more dont you. 40 miles is the furthest to date and just under 15 min/mile pace. which is about where I want to be for the race all being well. but our main aim is simply to finish. Cant wait.

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