The voice

I do have an update that I will post on the last few weeks “training” and a couple of gear reviews, but I have just come in from an 8 mile run (it was meant to be at least 18) and wanted to post my thoughts

I suppose the key reason for posting is that it wasn’t great fun runnin today and as the title suggests the negative voice was doing it’s best to bring me down, and it won. I didn’t have any energy to keep going and as you will see when I upload the data I was slow, with far too much walking.

With the NDW50 only a few weeks away and the longest run I have done so far 13 miles (albeit with another 10 earlier in the day) I am getting distinctly nervous, I do not feel anywhere near as prepared as I was last year.

Lessons Learnt
-Hoka Mafate cannot cope in mud
-Running in Hoka’s I lose the soul of running
-I am bored of the mud on the NDW
-The SJ pack needs more load in it to get a better fit
-Drymax socks are amazing
-GU gels are really thick

The key one here is the Hoka’s, I so want to love them but so far I am struggling, they just don’t feel right and a death traps in muddy conditions. I am doubting myself and whether I will use them on the 50 as despite the Drymax socks working a treat, I still get the feeling that my feet just don’t get on with them (I’ll go into more detail in a full review)

So all in all, a pretty crappy run. I need to get to get my motivation back and get it back sharpish!

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