Coping with injury

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update and the title of the post should give a hint why, my run of good luck regarding significant injuries seems to be at an end.

In my review of the Grim I made reference to the fact that my right Achilles tendon was giving me pain throughout, I had hoped it was something that was just a niggle on the day and would improve with some rest. Thinking that things were improving I went for a short run about a week after the Grim (only 4 miles) yet the problem was still there and although the pain subsided when running it returned with a vengeance once I had finished and I have not run since.

As I cycle to work I am not completely inactive at the moment  but running is completely off the cards (I ran 50 yards for a train and the pain was immediately there). I am fairly lucky in so far that the next race is the NDW50 in May and training was not scheduled to start until early in the new year, but looking at the date now I may have to push my training starting until mid Jan or even Feb depending on how I recover (I don’t even want to think about what happens if it is still not healed by Feb!)

So now I am having to deal with the phycology of an injured runner; the desire to get out and train, to just get one run in. It is the first time that any injury has stopped me completely and the times before have been reducing mileage or skipping training days, not stopping completely.

So, to recovery.

A bit of internet surfing has taken me to a pretty good article on the Achilles injuries (Running Writings) with some good stretches which I am now doing every day. The image taken from running writings shows the eccentric heel drops that should aid recovery, this along with RICE treatment hopefully will mean I will be back out getting the miles in by Feb.

Eccentric Heel Drops
Image taken from Running Writings blog, worth a read if you (like myself) have a similar injury

If anyone reading this post has had similar problems and has any tips they could offer feel free to post in the comments section, the help and advice would be most welcome.

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