Training update, the plan for the 100

My previous post mentioned that I was considering a 100 mile ultra next year, well (assuming all the places don’t go before I can register) I will be doing the NDW100.

With the decision made my focus on training has returned, albeit limited due to the Snowdonia Marathon in a week. With the cycling a firm feature of my week I have to look to ways to incorporate this as part of my ultra training. It’s not ideal, but you have to work with what you got so I am going to make the best of it.

So this week has been the usual fair of 10 mile cycle in 12 mile cycle back Monday to Thursday, with a 9.5 (Garmin missed the first 0.5) mile run in. The run wasn’t to bad even after the 4 days of cycling, with my pace averaging 09:40/mi

OK, so its pretty much downhill all the way

Its not the most taxing of routes, being on the road for the most part and practically all downhill but with the added weight of a full rucksack it is good training. My plan, following the recovery from Snowdonia is to incorporate running to work maybe twice a week, to work and back. I won’t start straight away with the 20 miles per day, building up to the full 10 miles on the way back by getting the train initially and getting off before home (not being near any stations I am always going to have a small run at the end)

I am hoping to keep the “long” weekend runs to a minimum as I want to keep this time to spend with the family, building these into the training as probably once every 3-4 weeks, starting out with a 20 miler and increasing it from there. Its going to be interesting to see how it works out and I am sure my plan will be modified here and there.

In other news, the latest edition of Ultra Tales is out, with contributions from many ultra runners, me included. This is a free e-magazine featuring contributions from many runners and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in ultra running, being newbies or seasoned runners, with just under 250 pages it is a great read.

The links to the download are (Box)  (GoogleDrive)  (SkyDrive) (links courtesy of ultratales)

For more information, follow @ultratales on twitter or Facebook to support this magazine and keep up to date on upcoming issues and how to contribute.

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