Gareth’s (My crew from the North Downs Way 50) take on the other side of the Ultra, its the crew who make sure we are fueled for the runs.

Gareth Davies

The Crew’s Perspective

Last weekend Anthony ran his first Ultra, the North Downs Way 50. It was a magnificent achievement and one he trained hard for. I acted as his Support Crew and wanted to give “an alternative” review of the race from a non runners perspective. I will write a separate post over the weekend with some Crewing do’s and don’ts and post a link at the bottom. It was all going to be in one post but it was turning into War & Peace

Our planning started some months ago and having the benefit of living close to the North Downs we were able to run a few sections of the Downs (several times) in the months leading up to the race. Ant experimented with his nutrition and we looked for parts of the route where it was possible to go wrong. The NDW is really well sign posted but as we found out, if you rely purely on signs…

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