The night before: Last minute preperations

Well its been a fairly relaxed day, getting my last bits and pieces together for the Ultra tomorrow. I have bagged up all my nutrition into separate bags for each aid station, labelled them so and will be giving these to Gareth tomorrow who is kindly being my crew for the day.

My gear all ready for the early start in the morning
My aid station bags all labelled ready for Gareth to hand to me as needed

It’s not all been smooth sailing though, we did go down to Farnham this afternoon to register and collect my race number (the idea being its one less thing to do in the morning and means I can get some precious more minutes sleep) but upon getting there it seems the numbers haven’t turned up yet so all I could do was hand in my disclaimer, I will have to get my number in the morning (a tweet or email wouldn’t have gone a miss!)

However, in the grand scheme of things, if this is the worst that happens then I can live with it.

I will be tweeting and getting some pictures as and when throughout the race, so if you want to keep up with what is going on then follow @ultraplodder

Right now for some sleep…….A full race review will be out on Sunday or Monday, as well as a recipe for the Chia seed flapjacks that I am using in the race.

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