Training Update



My training update posts have been a bit lax over the last couple of weeks and although I have been running with one thing and another it’s not been the mileage that I was hoping to get in.

09/07/2012 – 15/07/2012

The intention had been that even with the Pen Y Fan race on Saturday 14th I would keep up with the mileage and log some long runs, this didn’t happen.

Tuesday morning I ran 5 miles with the plan to go to the gym in the evening, running another 2 before weights. The evening session didn’t happen. Wednesday morning didn’t happen, after a lack of sleep the night before (although the twins have been sleeping great sometimes they do have their moments) so it was to Thursday morning to get another run in. Despite this run only being 4.34 miles, I did run it at a quick pace (for me) and ended up averaging a 7:42/mi pace which, once I was able to breathe again, I was quite pleased with.

Pen Y Fan run was on the Saturday and the plan had to be to get a long  run in either on the Sunday or Monday, however following Pen Y Fan my legs were busted! The downhill on that race had resulted in my quads sticking two fingers up to me and not playing ball, hence the long run was cancelled.

16/07/2012 – 22/07/2012 + 1 day

By Tuesday my legs had started to function again so I managed an 8 mile run in the morning, followed by a 2 miler at a 7:48/mi pace and a weights session. Thursday then was a 4.73 mile run and again a 2 miler in the evening and weights.

Friday to Sunday I was going on a friends Stag do, so as you can imagine running was not on the cards. Fortunately the Stag leads an active lifestyle (see his blog: Steve’s Gym  Blog) and as such the Best Man had organised a day of activities for the Saturday. With Go-Karting in the morning and Waterskiing in the afternoon I still managed to feel like I had done some exercise, although the beers will have negated that but you can’t have everything!

As I had the Monday off I decided to go for a longish run and got a 13 miler in, but boy was it hot out. I took it at an easy pace, carrying all my hydration (2 litres total) on me, of which I got through. As it was an easy run I stopped to get some photo’s along the way, which are below:

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