Trail Marathon Wales fast approaching

Only two days until the Trail Marathon Wales and I am starting to get a mixture of excitement and nervousness. At the moment I am just trying to make sure I have got everything I could possibly need, and fretting that I will forget something!

Weather wise it is looking to be a damp one, with Fridays weather warnings giving me no comfort. The prospect of heavy rains is leading me to pack a variety of running gear so I can make a decision on the morning, but I am hoping not to have to use my full waterproof jacket as it is fairly heavy (when compared to my showerproof jacket) and not as breathable.

Nutrition wise, I think I am pretty much covered (I won’t be carrying all this, again if I bring stuff back its better than not packing it in the first place)

Nutrition sorted

I will be posting a race review Sunday/Monday, hopefully with me having a reasonable result and some good pictures.

For more info if its something anyone would be interested for next year the website link is:


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