Some sunny runs, but still mud…. Training 07/05/2012 – 13/05/2012

Finally a bit of sunshine to make running more enjoyable. This week consisted of two runs on the Tuesday and one on the Thursday, with a long run on the Saturday.

Tuesday morning was a particularly enjoyable run, in that I managed to get back some of the pace that had seemed to have left me recently. averaging 08:18 /mi over 5.08 miles. After work it was an easy paced 6 mile run.

Thursday morning I managed to shave more time off my average pace and ran a 08:05 /mi for 4.3miles, so it seems that along with good weather comes speed.

Saturday was a 14 mile run across the North Downs, and despite the beautiful weather the mud was every present. I took my camera with me on this run so as they say “A picture paints a thousand words”.

As you can see from the photo, it was going to be a lovely day
I see hills…
Photos don’t ever do justice to the incline on the hills, but hopefully this gets across how steep it was
We managed to avoid this muddy bog to exit the field, but there was plenty of ones we couldn’t avoid
Is that mud on Gareths leg, or just a loss of control?
Boggy ground, muddy and wet feet
And the trail goes on
Although the photo doesn’t show it clearly, we were checking the map….not that we were lost or anything.
Photos don’t do justice to how steep a downhill this is, Gareth makes it look easy. For my part it was more of a slip, shit, ouch
Muddy hands after falling on my arse
Running in the sun
Mud on my trainers, mud on my socks, mud on my feet

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