Gear Review: New Balance MT110, first impressions

So I have had these trainers for a couple of days, today being the first outdoor test (it is a sunny day so thought I would take the opportunity).

First Impressions:









Firstly, I quite like the colours (que ginger/orange shoe jokes), the black, orange and blue works well. The synthetic material on the upper works well, with an inner mesh which lets the feet breath and water drain away.  Putting the shoe on (size 8) the fit is snug, similar to the New Balance Minimus Trail, the shoe is designed to be worn with or without socks although even with there is a reasonable gap for my toes.









Underneath is the real reason I bought these shoes, the sole. With a 4mm drop heel to toe and a slightly increased stack height over the Minimus these shoes are designed to give a bit more cushioning for the long runs, while still keeping the feel of a minimalist/barefoot transition shoe.  The tread is a vast improvement over the Minimus, proper lugs which  should give good grip on the trail, made of a sticky rubber to give traction on wet rock. A toe plate on the front protects against hitting your foot on roots or rocks (something which after Offa’s Orror I will be thankful for)

On the run:

For my test it was a short  3 mile run around Lloyd Park, on the road heading up to the park the first thing I noticed was the increased cushioning from the slightly increased stack height. Upon transferring to grass the grip started to come into its own, and with the park still being sodden from the rain I was able to give them a test on proper mud, and even they draining ability from running through what effectively was a marsh!

I did notice a bit of a roll inwards when I was running, something which I didn’t get from the Minimus. I am hoping this is just the EVA sole bedding in and will go after a few runs, also the laces will have to go and I will replace them with Lock Laces sooner rather than later.

I should get a better feel for them as the week goes on and the real test will be the long run on Saturday, however they do seem to be keepers and I will probably get a second pair.

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