Gear Review: Salomon XR Sensibelt

I have been using this running belt for quite a while now and overall I am really impressed. There are some really nice design touches which make it perfect for those shorter runs.

First up is the water bottle, it only carries 600ml of fluid but for most things thats all you really need. The Salomon 3D bottle is designed to fit flush againsy your back while wearing the belt to prevent bouncing around and actually works really well, even if the shape is a little unconventional









The belt itself is made from 210D Double Ripstop fabric with an airvent backing to let sweat through, and has a good feel of quality to it. Rather than a normal clip to fasten the belt it uses velcro to ensure that you always get a secure fit.

















You can see from the photo that it only has the bottle holster and a zipped mesh pocket which can just about fit a phone, keys and a gel. I would have preferred that the pocket was waterproof rather than mesh, particularly with British weather, but I am guessing the this was mesh to keep breathability high.

With the bottle inserted, even full to the brim the whole belt sits nicely on the lower back and doesn’t really bounce. I generally wear the belt lower around my hips opposed to around the waist and have used it in conjunction with the OMM Ultra to give me the capacity to carry about 3.5 litres of fluid, the whole let fitted together well.









Full specs for the belt from the Salomon Website are:

– Belt: Sensifit belt
– Pockets & compartments: Zipped belt pocket
– Carrying system: 4D bottle holder
– Hydration: 3D bottle included (600 ml/20 oz)
– Back systems: Airvent Comfort
– Fabrics: 210D Double Ripstop PA PU / 100D PA honeycomb
– Volume (l) 0.5
– Weight (g) 190

Overall pretty impressed and will keep using this for those runs that don’t require too much kit, one gripe is the mesh pocket but you can get around it my using a small waterproof bag for things like phones etc, and you can pick one up for about £25.00 so doesn’t break the bank either.

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