Training 16/04/2012 – 22/04/2012

With Offa’s Orror tomorrow I thought I would do a quick update on this week, with a review of the run and some pictures being  tomorrow’s post.

Training wise I learn’t from my mistake with the Asics and have actually tapered, with a 7km run on Tuesday and a 5km run on Thursday. Both days I was ready for the weather to come in with my waterproof (not so breathable) jacket on, and each day I avoided the rain, which I am not complaining about but had I known I would have left the jacket at home and not had the pleasure of sweating like a maniac!

The Weather on Sunday is not looking good, both for Chepstow, you stick it in google and you get red lightning, so it could be an interesting run to say the least

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has donated on my Justgiving page so far, I am at £200 already which is a fantastic result, very hopful of achieving (or maybe exceeding) my £500 target. If you wish to donate follow the link widget on the side of my blog or the below link:

Lastly, good luck to the guys who are running the London Marathon, I am hoping that all the runners get a few hours of sunshine while they run, I can’t imagine it being nice to run in pissing rain for 4-5 hours!

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