Training 05/03/2012 – 11/03/2012

So the week started out with a 20km run on the Monday, the missed long run from the Sunday before. Seemed I made a good decision as the weather was had vastly improved over the Sunday and it was actually quite pleasant out, apart from the wind which made going a a bit tough in places, especially as I got more elevation.

Tuesday I ran in the evening, changing my normal routine of running first thing in the morning before work. It was a fairly straight forward road loop, which appeared to be a good choice as I think I set one of my fastest 7km runs at 0:34:23.

Wednesday was another evening run, this time with Gareth and Kirsty straight after work, a nice recovery run with some hill sprints thrown in for fun. Thursday was just under 10km, with Friday being a day off as I had the Asics Trailman on the Saturday.

Obviously Saturday was the Trailman (I have written a seperate review of the race) and Sunday was a couple of hours of Squash in the morning with a cheeky 8km run in the afternoon (it was far to sunny to pass up the opportunity).

What I have become aware of this week is the difficulty of running seperate races in-between my longer term training for the NDW50, as really this week should have been more of a taper for the Trailman, which I didn’t really do due to the necessity of getting the miles on the legs. I think I paid for this on the actual race, so this is somthing I am going to have to bare in mind with the other races that are booked before August.

Total Distance Run: 65.44km, Total Time: 6:16:19, Total Calories: 5514

On a side note, I can now see the red on my trainers again (yay).

2 thoughts on “Training 05/03/2012 – 11/03/2012”

  1. I keep threatening to run with you, if I’m going to get a mention in the blog I really should! Not too far for me though, around 10km should be fine!

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